Sunday, January 1, 2017

Title: Advisory: 22 Ways to Build Relationships for Educational Success
Source: Edutopia
Author: Nashville Big Picture High School
Date: August 16, 2016

Key Points: Even though secondary school environment is filmed, after watching the video and reading the following article, the 22 way to build a relationship with your student can be applicable to primary students. Know your students and check in with your students. Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable. It's ok to not know. 

Relevance: Teacher Responsibilities and classroom structure. Some concepts that stood out to me are ones we may have heard before, but I feel like these concepts are still new and need to be reviewed repeatedly for absorption. The more students see your vulnerability, the more likely they will trust you and share with you. 

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  1. I love lists and bullet points that condense information down to relevant, categorized ideas. This article does this well, and I’ve bookmarked it for later reference. Although I will definitely avoid using number three’s example, “Hey, I love your blouse. It's really pretty.” This article was intended for advisory teachers, but I think most of the “22 Ways to Build Intentional Relationships with Your Students” can benefit any teacher. I especially appreciate number eleven, “Help your students learn that not knowing the answer is OK.” So often, it seems, students (and teachers too) are embarrassed they do not know an answer. Personally, I just roll with it, incredulously pretending I was testing them to see if they’d notice my error, and then laughing about it. I like your comment above regarding reviewing things like this repeatedly, but I'd add too that practicing them will also reinforce their usefulness.