Unless you already are in the practice of checking news and media sources on a regular basis, it can be challenging to stay current on the issues related to our field. This activity will support exploration of educational issues from a variety of sources. The goal is to cultivate a habit of practice that involves regularly reading and writing/posting reviews on important educational topics related to Critical Perspectives. Use the resource links below to look at a variety of sources - newspapers, research journals, books, book chapters, magazines, and radio segments or podcast, television shows, and credible internet media - outside of the ones you typically frequent.

Task: Posting & Responding to Posts
This activity is based on alternating bi-weekly cycle where you will post ONE review the first week followed by TWO responses posts the next week. That is, the first week you will be responsible for scanning media resources [listed below] for issues related to education and posting ONE review using the format provided below. In the second week of the cycle you will read through posts from your colleagues and respond to TWO posts using the format posted below. At two determined points during the course we will do a debrief activity where you will have the opportunity to create synthesis of your postings.

Examples of Post Themes: School System, Teacher Responsibilities, Classroom Structure, Teacher Identity, Positionality, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Multicultural Education, Socialization, Prejudice & Discrimination, Privilege, Racism, Microagressions, Poverty, Discrimination, Tracking, Ability Grouping, Sexual Identity, Gender, Boys, Abuse, Profiling...

Format for Posting Reviews:  
Posts must reflect a critical issue in education [e.g. course theme] & consist of:
  • Title
  • Source/Author/Date
  • URL Link
  • Key Points
  • Relevance

Format for Posting Responses:
  • Restate a point made in the post
  • Extend the point sharing through sharing additional data or experience
  • 75-100 words in length

Tips on Creating Good Posts:
→ Make the post more interesting by inserting a visual or embedding multimedia.
→ Ensure links are live.
→ Add labels so posts can be accessed by themes.
→ Insert a jump break so that longer posts don’t take up too much space on the home page.

→ Consider tweeting interesting articles as you come across them and then revisit when you are ready to do the full review.

Media Sources
Below are some media venues that will serve for your reviews. At least 3 of your reviews must be from one of the asterisked sources. You may also use other sources that relate to the course themes, including multimedia sources.

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