Sunday, January 1, 2017

Title: Creating Classrooms for Social Justice
Source: Edutopia
Author: Tabitha Dell'Angelo
Date: September 29, 2014

Key Points: Social Justice. Concepts to creating classrooms for social justice.  Social Justice isn't an add on, but an orientation appropriate for all classroom settings. Connect to students' lives, but building upon their prior knowledge. Link real word problems and multiple perspectives. Help students determine their own paint of view as compared to what others might think. Create a community within the classroom, that we are call a "family" unity. Include authentic assessments. 

Relevance: I liked the "creating a classroom community" approach. The article points to the importance of treating your classmate as your "classmate sibling." Make it a priority to diversify your materials-for example, your books should encompass multiple religion, ability, language, etc. The authentic assessment example was really interesting. The author suggests that if you create an assignment where you are writing to a "fictional character," but a realistic occupation, etc. (like a zookeeper), the students should just write to a real person. The letter was more meaningful for the students. 

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