Saturday, December 17, 2016

Charter School Students: Constant College Prep Pressure


Key Points: Juggling all the responsibilities of being a student can be difficult. This article takes a look at the struggle of being an involved student while trying to plan for higher education. It discusses the challenges of applying for school, maintaining a job, taking care or home work, and other obligations that most seniors in high school deal with every day. 

Audience: Educators and parents. 

Relevance: Remembering that students work their tails off is important. To be competitive in education, a student needs to be well rounded and apply themselves on different fronts, which can be very stressful. Much of the time, students who are focusing on all the requirements for graduation and continuing their education become overwhelmed. I know I was. Its important to focus on helping kids manage and not to help them graduate. If they can learn to manage themselves during one of the hardest parts of their educations, then they can handle most events that come their way. Its also important to realize that these students are kids trying their best to succeed, and that they need people there for support. We can bring that support to our students. 

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