Thursday, December 22, 2016

'Family matters, not Legos':

Heartwarming responses of underprivileged children when they are asked to choose between receiving gifts for themselves - or their families

Source: ; experiment conducted by UPtv 

Key Points: UPtv conducted an experiment with some students at an Atlanta Boys & Girls Club. They asked children what they would want to get for Christmas and what their family would want for Christmas. Many of them asked for popular toys and said their parents would like jewelry or help at home. Then they were tested by being presented with both gifts and only being able to select one. Watch the short video to find out results.

Relevance: So many of our students live in harsh circumstances, especially the students from Title I schools. This video reminds us that it does not matter what their situation at home may be like, but for the most part our student end up making tough decisions every day. 

Audience: Educators and families


  1. Thank you for sharing this. This article prompted me to reflect on the students I work with at a Title 1 school. Having security, consistency, and a sense of belonging are all important for these students and all students. They have to make difficult decisions everyday as you mention. It is compelling to see that all the students chose the gifts for their families above an individual gift for themselves. This is an important reminder to not make assumptions about students and their values. Teachers can gain meaningful insights when they take time to learn information about their students.

  2. This was a very touching video. Thanks for sharing this with us Ale. When I finished watching this video, it certainly gave me a little bit of hope for the next generation. If we can instill this type of thinking in our students, then our issues with things like bullying could experience a decline and family chemistry could be influenced. Kids who come from homes where the family life is harmonious can be better prepared to educate themselves, and in the end, that should be what we strive for.