Thursday, December 29, 2016

Title: Argentina's tough truths for improving schools
Source: BBC News 
Author: Sean Coughlan
Date: December 21, 2016

Audience: Educators, Parents, Administration

Key Points: Schools in Argentina are suffering due to poverty, wrong allocation of funds, and poor treatment of teachers. Argentina's education minister is wanting to reform the countries school, specifically the "public" schools. The minister is vying for better teachers, better pay and training for teachers, and longer school days. Currently students are only in school 4 hours a day, and most to not complete secondary education. The minister also game his private number to teachers so they could contact him with concerns and questions, and to their surprise, he returned their calls. 

Relevance: One of underlining issues is the concept of private and public schools. It is a notion that private schools have better teachers, better performance by students, and more money (as well as more). Argentina's education minister addresses that when he admits that the private schools of Argentina are more on par with better performing schools around the world. 
Also, it's stated that the teachers don't have time for preparations. 
What I also appreciated about this article was the depiction of the minister of education. He is truly being an advocate for change, and we all desire that from our administration and government. 

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