Friday, December 2, 2016

Oregon outshines most states at reporting to parents on school performance

key points: Oregon schools get recognized for their great numbers in reporting to parents and families about student academic performance. "Oregon also earned kudos for reporting on the most up-to-date test results, showing how much growth students achieve during the year, and breaking down graduation rates and other key statistics by students' race, gender, economic and disability status and whether English is their first language" Hammond wrote. 
Relevance: This is so relevant to our teachers and families alike, it is important for educators to know this information but also for families so that students can have consistent support at school as well as at school. 

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  1. This is interesting to see Oregon receiving praise for their school and family communication. I agree with you that this is important for educators to know how students are performing academically in order for us to best help them access academic materials. Having this information available for our families allows our students to learn responsibility and accountability because they will be working at their learning level at home. I find it interesting the amount of categories students are divided into, but it helps families understand the context of the schools. I'm excited to see more growth in our states education system.