Saturday, December 3, 2016

College Is the Goal. Will These Three Teenagers Get There?

By: Anemona Hartocollis, 10/26/2016

Key Points: In New York Times is following three teenagers in Topeka, Kansas, as they decide where to apply to college and even whether college is the right choice for them. ​The Time’s conducted interviews with students, principals and experts the transition to college. This fascinating article/s is ongoing following these students journey. The following is some the subtopics they have reported on so far:

Relevance: This article address questions and concerns that students and they parents are asking themselves across the country. Do the pros of high education  outweigh the cons. There are is a push in our school district to get our students college ready. However, many of our students have no desire to go to college and as teacher are we neglecting them is getting them work ready.

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