Saturday, December 3, 2016

School Climate Worsens in Wake of Election

Title: New Report: School Climate Worsens in Wake of Election
Teaching Tolerance/Submitted by Teaching Tolerance Staff/ November 29th, 2016
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Key Points - This article highlights the new report of the immediate impact that the recent election has had in our schools. Ninety percent of educators surveyed reported indicated that the school climate has been negatively affected and it will continue to affect their schools for some time. There has been an increase of slurs and derogatory language along with incidences involving swastikas and the Confederate Flag. The article then offers recommendations of how to set the tone in your school and classrooms by doubling down on anti - bullying strategies and to encourage courage among students.

Relevance - It is our job as educators to keep our students safe and feeling safe. In order to promote a positive learning environment for our students it needs to start with meeting their needs and making sure that they feel safe in school.


  1. It is absolutely amazing that that many teachers see major changes in the culture of our schools. I don't say that to dispute the fact, I say that because when that kind of a percentage of any demographic agrees with each other, there must be merit in their claim. Educating teachers to combat bullying and other forms of harassment is pivotal to our students success, regardless of their identity. There always should be the students right to speak their mind, but when that message they bring to table is hate and oppression, there is no question in my mind that their voice loses all traces of value. Keeping those kids safe is important and helping them build themselves a support base is part of helping them develop their own courage.

  2. There were significant results presented in this article. These results should prompt educators to act in positive ways with the best interest of their students. It is upsetting that school climates have been negatively impacted by the results of the election; but a sad reality of our nation. Educators have important roles in facilitating discussions, structuring safe classrooms, and responding to bullying and harassment at a classroom level and school level. Also, educators must be diligent, model respect, help students engage in respectful manners, and not tolerate these kinds of negativity. I wonder how results would look in different parts of the country and the experiences of other educators. Clearly, there are issues that need to be addressed. Educators need to be active in their roles to protect, care for, respond, and support students. Developing strong classroom community will take work, but will be important.