Saturday, December 17, 2016

Educators Look to Mobilize Against ‘Professor Watchlist’

Title: Educators Look to Mobilize Against ‘Professor Watchlist’
Source: neaToday
By: Mary Ellen Flannery
December 14, 2016

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Key Points: The main points of this article discuss a professor watch list which has been created by a right-wing political organization, Turning Point USA. This list was created for professors who are allegedly promoting radical agendas' in the lecture hall. Many of the professors see this as an attack on academic freedom. Creating lists of professors has them apprehensive to have students question their thinking or research new ideas. However, there are also many professors who are reporting themselves to the list as a sign of solidarity.

Intended Audience: Teachers and educators.

Relevance: Our nation is in a very tumultuous period. Historically, making lists of people has led to negative outcomes. Professors should be free to have students think critically on issues. However, students should also be free to disagree with professors on critical issues without fear of repercussions. Academic freedom should always go both ways.

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